Welcome to Peace*kills*War


This page is dedicated to all people who suffering and dying under the crimes of war of this world

The new musicians platform and protest movement against war!


Introducing your peace projects for the benefit of humanity


On this site musicians of all styles are coming  together against the crimes of war around the world, caused by the world leaders and their elites.

We make music for peace and fairness.


This is a non-commercial site for protest with Rock music, Rap, Reggae, Punk, Metal, Ballades, Ska, Pop and Folk for protest against the war in Syria, Yemen and all over the world.


Here, present your peace projects for the benefit of humanity or jointly create new ones.



Become a part of us and show the world that we are many, who are not longer tolerate the crimes of war against the civilians.Visit my Video „Peace kills war - Frieden tötet Krieg and more videos from this site on youtube.


Share them with friends and spread the message that only peace kills war and more messages of peace.


Music against war, proxy wars and the export of weapons in the world. Against the interests from the elites whare fighting their merciless wars regardless of any kind of humanity.


For Peace in Syria and Yemen and in the whole world. Save the children from the areas of war!

We stand up against the war and are with the victims in our inner thoughts.


Music for a peaceful and fair world for all humans!

Have you recorded music against hate and war by yourself? Then contact me under my mail by peace*kills*war.


If i like your video, i will upload in on my site.

Have fun on the website Peace kills war!


Many thanks to the musicians of this site who make their music videos non-commercially available here in personal arrangement! Together we set a musical signal against war and hatred throughout the world!